At the beginning of 2015 Primorsky Krai accounts for 1.6% or $12.9 billion in the foreign trade turnover of Russia. In foreign trade turnover of the Far Eastern Federal District the share of Primorsky Krai comprises 33%.


Foreign economic activityof Primorsky Krai occurs with 100 countries of the world. The foreign trade turnover of Primorsky Krai has tripled since 2009, as for export it is 4.4 times higher, as for import is it 2.5 times higher.


Principal export items:

- fuel and energy commodities,

- fish and seafood,

- timber,

- metals and articles made of metals,

- machinery, equipment and transport vehicles.


Principal import items:

- machinery, equipment and transport vehicles,

- food products and materials for their production,

- textiles, textile articles and footwear,

- chemical industry products, rubber,

- metals and articles made of metals.