Food production is the most important sector, represented mainly by fish processing. Annual catch exceeds two million tonnes or one half of the Russian Far East total. Second is machine building, where half of the output is geared toward the fishing industry and shipyards. Defence is another important sector, producing naval vessels and military aircraft. The construction materials industry here provides for the whole Russian Far East.


Primorsky Territory is the largest coal producer in the Russian Far East and generates more electricity than any other Russian Far East administrative division, but power shortages are common.


Primorsky Territory's proximity to Pacific Rim markets gives it an edge over most other Russian Far East administrative divisions in developing foreign trade. Major trade items are seafood products, timber products, and ferrous metals. Major trading partners are Japan, China, and South Korea.


Primorsky Territory’s compact territory is well endowed with infrastructure. Railroads connect it with China and North Korea. Vladivostok, the eastern terminus of the Trans - Siberian railway, was surpassed as a port by the nearby Nakhodka - Vostochny Port container, coal and timber terminals. Primorsky Territory -based shipping companies provide 80% of marine shipping services in the Russian Far East.