Starting from January 1, 2015, the list of KPIs for the heads of regional governments in creation of business opportunities includes an additional performance indicator “Level of public-private partnership development in the region”.


In other words, performance valuation of the regional top-officials with respect to creation of welcoming business environment in their regions now depends on activities in the sphere of public-private partnerships (1 of 44 KPIs), which are subject to rating.


Rating Methodology:

The following aspects of public-private partnership development are assessed throughout the rating process:

- level of development of public-private partnership regulations in the region;

- experience of government officials, officers and other responsible parties of the regional government in PPP projects implementation;

- level of investment attractiveness of the region.


Rating Assingment

The rating is formally assigned by the Department for Investment Policy and Development of Private-Public Partnership of the RF Ministry of Economic Development. For its rating assessment the Department uses data and research of the Public-Private Partnership Development Center and its respective rating of development of public-private partnerships in regions of Russia.


Rating of Primorsky Kray

Based on the PPP Development Center report as of March 1, 2015 Primorsky Kray has #37 position among regions of Russia with average level of PPP development.