Renovation of Cosmos Movie Theater


Form of public-private partnership: a concession agreement


Concession object: renovation of municipal property (Arsenyevsky Urban District) - Movie Theater “Cosmos”, which was built in 1964.


Concessionaire: New Wave LLC


Grantor: Arsenyevsky Urban District Administration


Total amount of investments: RUB 30 million


Concessionaire undertakings: renovation of movie theater with following parameters: creation of (1) one movie hall for 200 seats, (2) one cafe and (3) one playground for children.


Project implementation and results: the Concessionaire has fulfilled its undertakings, in particular:

- repair of the front facade and the movie theater interior (hall renovation, floor tiles and ceilings, basement and equipment room renovations);

- repair of the roof, engineering communications and wiring harness;

- equipment the movie theater with modern facilities.


Additional concessionaire undertakings:

Based on the concession agreement, the concessionaire shall allocate certain premises of the movie theater for the Administration in order to hold the following events on a monthly basis:

- charity sessions for socially vulnerable groups;

- lectures;

- cultural events.


The list of objects of the Public Private Partnership 2016 - 2025