Sun base located in Shkotovo district

Shkotovsky municipal district

Project Information
Sun base located in Shkotovo district

Sun base located in Shkotovo district, nearby Anisimovka village.

The idea is to make people achieve the moral values through the nature, to know the traditional medicine, to love for nature, people, children and to care for the environment.

The base location is in the most beautiful place in taiga with clean water, magnificent view, low mountains and fresh air.

Available activities:

- Master class on woodcarving, painting, surviving in the woods, orientation, studying vegetation and herbal plants, exercise for muscle strengthening and stretching, exercise for eyes, spiritual practices

Family visiting is welcomed

The land plot is in lease until 2063

The base includes:

• hotel for 20 persons and a room of 4 x 8 m2;

• canteen for 20 seats;

• open air stage;

• owned land of 2.25 hectares and 3.2 hectares in the lease;

• parking place for 30 cars;

• playground;

• small garden;

• labyrinth;

• two installed telescopes;

• tubing slide, cross-country ski track.

Planned investments:

1). 3 000 000 rubles – Facilities for mothers with children. To attract families with small children for photoshoots on locations, with animals and to rest. The project is developed and the estimate is calculated.

2). 4 million rubles short theatrical performances. Put theatrical costumed performances to attract children, to develop of interpersonal communications. The project is developed and the estimate is calculated.

3). 4 million rubles. KAMAZ-shift, new. To transfer tourist groups with children to hard-to-reach places at any season on the taiga roads. The price is presented with delivery from the factory.

4). 6 million rubles. Four family houses with utilities and boiler room type Kiturami.

5). 1 million rubles. Sports facilities with sport equipment.

6). 1,5 million rubles. Bathroom and laundry facilities.

7). 2 million rubles. Kitchen with canteen for 50 seats.


Initiator: PE Kuzmin
Industry: Sport & Recreation
Investments Required: 21 mln. rub.
Payback period: 2 years
Workplaces: 7