Construction and operation of a foam ceramics factory


Project Information
Construction and operation of a foam ceramics factory

Production of ceramic foam plates using the technology of direct high-temperature natural foaming of inorganic granulated mineral raw materials. (The granules are crushed to a powdery state, at high temperature the powder turns into a viscous mass simultaneously generating a large amount of gas that forms even, evenly distributed pores inside the material.) This production technology of the ceramic foam plate is the result of research and development of the project initiator’s company.

One of the main raw materials for the manufacture of ceramic foam panels is bottom sludge, or alumina from quarrying.

The main resources of this project include water, electricity and gas.


Initiator: Izolite, LLC
Industry: Industry
Investments Required: 5 226 mln. rub.
Payback period: 2 years
Workplaces: 200