Theme Park of the peoples of the World


Project Information
Theme Park of the peoples of the World

On the area of 20,4348 hectares in the "Park of the peoples of the world" it is planned to place more than 20 main objects, including an exhibition pavilion with a total area of 11,100 sq.m. introducing the representatives of all countries on the Earth depicting fragments from life, as well as cultural features of each of them. It will present a total amount of 188 exhibition sites with over 500 sculptures.

On the territory of the park, capital development of the area is planned to accommodate a recreational zone and the construction of the following structures:

Hostel 2 floors - 960 square meters. m 50 rooms

24 houses (4-5 local accommodation) - 48 sq.m.

The hotel is 28000 square meters. m

Business area: staff accommodation, administration, storage facilities - 2970 square meters. m

Catering area: a cafe with 200 seats - 430 square meters. m

Summer cafe for 180 people - 306 square meters. m

Banquet and wedding zone with a tent for 100 people and a tent for 30 people

Grocery store - 142 square meters. m

Parking for visitors and customers for 180 places - 4 000 sq. M. m

Children's playground - 1 500 square meters. m

Artificial ponds and embankments - 9130 square meters. m

The zone for ceremonial and concert events is 11,100 square meters. m

Helipad - 170 square meters. m

Scene - 310 square meters. m

Workshop - 300 square meters. m


Initiator: Strateg, LLC
Industry: Sport & Recreation
Investments Required: 6 820 mln. rub.
Workplaces: 308