Production of calcium carbide, carbon dioxide, acetylene, REGROST and TAKAR

Spassk-Dalny municipal district

Project Information
Production of calcium carbide, carbon dioxide, acetylene, REGROST and TAKAR

Project: Calcium oxide, calcium carbide, carbon dioxide, acetylene, REGROST and TAKAR production

Region: Spassky urban district, Partizansky urban district, Primorsky Region. The Administration of the Spassky urban district is ready to provide selectable industrial land plot, with an access to railway roads, to an investor, as well as to a resident of the FPV. In this case, an investor can get additional soft loans with 0% of interest for loans up to 250 mln rub. and up to 5% of interest for loans over this amount.

The strategy provides diversification of industrial enterprises in Spassk-Dalniy, first of all, Spasskcement OJSC, since limestone (the Dalnogorskoe deposit) and coal are used as energy carriers in cyclone furnaces for clinker manufacture in cement production, which by their physical and mechanical characteristics are suitable to produce calcium carbide.

The business plan also provides diversification of Partizanskaya State District Power Station, the energy company in Partizansk. The Vysokiy Utes limestone deposit is located next to the state district power station, and coal used in generating heat and electric energy from the Neryungri coal mine can be used in mineral raw materials processing.

A number of other projects in Primorsky Region are in the pipeline.

Industry: Extraction and electrothermal processing of coal and carbonate mineral raw materials

Objective of the project: competitive, resource- and energy-saving production based on integrated electrothermal processing of coal and carbonate mineral raw materials to produce fuel and non-fuel products.

Feature: innovative high-tech production based on extraction and processing of local mineral raw materials.

Project cost: 500 million rub.

Number of workplaces: 150 pax.

Project Description:

Thermochemical processing of coal and limestone in the Primorsky Region to produce the most valuable materials for industry, construction, agriculture, energy, materials, products and consumer goods: carbon dioxide, calcium carbide and acetylene, plant growth accelerators (REGROST) and plant protection products (TAKAR).

The pilot project is nonpolluting integrated processing of carbon-carbonate mineral raw materials, which is a new effective scientific and methodological development of mining and chemical complex in the Primorsky Region. It is designed to produce calcium oxide, calcium carbide, urea, processed products of calcium carbide, acetylene, carbon dioxide due to the utilization of carbon dioxide generated during the production of calcium carbide.

The total volume of production per year:

1. Calcium carbide – 2500 t/year;

2. Carbon dioxide production – 3500 t/year;

3. Acetylene – 300 t/year (processing of 1200 tons of calcium carbide);

4. TAKAR – 800 t/year (processing of 560 tons of calcium carbide);

5. REGROST – 1000 t/year (processing 750 t of calcium carbide with urea).

REGROST is made from substances that form in soil and plants with the help of microorganisms the natural growth and development hormone of plants - Ethylene. REGROST differs from well-known growth regulators: hydraine, camposene, non-toxicity, it is used at all phases of plant development from seed treatment to fruit ripening. It is effective on vegetables, melons and grains, as well as berry bushes (gooseberries, currants, raspberries, etc.). Processing seeds and plants with REGROST diseases plant damage (bacteriosis, brown rust, polysporosis, fusariosis) by 3-5 times.

ТАКАR is a new effective protection of plants from pests of horticultural, garden and flower crops, as well as a fertilizer to neutralize acidic soils. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in quantities exceeding their content in organic fertilizers (manure, bird droppings). Takar as a plant protection agent is used to destroy aphids, whiteflies, weevils, etc. on cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, fruit trees and shrubs. The effectiveness of the action is 90-100%. Productivity of vegetable crops increases by 20-50%, potatoes - by 30%.

The project implementation period is divided into two stages:

1) plant construction with two subsystems to produce calcium carbide and carbon dioxide: 1.5 - 2.0 years, followed by an operational period;

2) construction of acetylene stations with a capacity of 40 m3 / h to process calcium carbide: 0.5 - 1.0 year;

3) in the same period, construction of lines to process calcium carbide into plant growth regulators (REGROST).

Key performance indicators

Project performance indicators for the payback period

NPV (million rub.) – net present value 484.0

IRR (%) – internal rate of return 39.8 %

PI – profitability index 1.5

PDР – project payback period (discounted), years 3.0-4.0 – depends on the location of the pilot project

Project performance indicators for 10 years

NPV (million rub.) 4002

IRR (%) 146.8

PI 9.01

Cooperation options:

– venture capital investments;

– long-term investment with product return;

– joint venture;

other options.


Initiator: Scientific and production company PRIMOR-KАRBID LLC.
Industry: Industry
Investments Required: 500 mln. rub.
Payback period: 3 years
Workplaces: 46