Landscape and historical Park Emerald valley


42.6% invested
Project Information
Landscape and historical Park Emerald valley

The investment project of the Russian historical park "Emerald Valley" consists of 2 parts.

I part of the project is the Russian historical park "Emerald Valley" with an area of 23 hectares (the land is owned). Required investment 300 million rubles. Investment is made at the expense of own funds of the owner of the land and the project initiator IP Vakulenko S.A. The project implementation period is 9 years. Beginning in 2012, ending in 2021.To date, more than 150 million rubles have been invested. Despite the ongoing construction, the park is already running and is gaining more and more popularity. According to the results of the competition in 2013, “7 wonders of Primorsky Krai”, the park took the 2nd place among man-made objects and 4 place among the 7 wonders of Primorsky Krai. To date, the park has already been visited by more than 500 thousand Russian and foreign tourists. Part II of the project is the hotel and restaurant complex Manchuria with an area of 25 hectares, land owned. Planned investments of 1 billion 200 million rubles. At this stage of the project, the attraction of outside investors is required, the project implementation period is 4 years.


Initiator: Vakulenko Co.
Industry: Sport & Recreation
Total Cost: 2 090 mln. rub.
Investments Required: 1 200 mln. rub.
Workplaces: 47