Reconstruction of the recreational center «Solnechnaya»


Project Information
Reconstruction of the recreational center «Solnechnaya»

The aim of the project is the reconstruction of the property complex for the implementation of activities in the field of physical culture and sports - the organization of training camps and year-round recreation for children of athletes.

The property complex includes a gym, a recovery unit, two bedroom buildings, a dining room-hotel, a basketball court, a transformer substation, a checkpoint.

Reconstruction involves the replacement of structures subject to wear, change in layouts. Additionally, it is planned to improve the territory with the creation of recreational recreation areas, the construction of a sports complex of blocked houses.

Offer for the investor: concession agreement (reconstruction, operation and maintenance). A possible form of commercial use is as a recreational zone.

State support: the provision of land on preferential terms, without bidding.

Project documentation: a draft design has been prepared.


Initiator: Regional State autonomous «Regional sport school»
Industry: Sport & Recreation
Investments Required: 645 mln. rub.
Workplaces: 10