03 ноября 2020

Two hundred families received apartments in a new residential complex in Primorye

Two hundred families received apartments in a new residential complex in Primorye

SZ Vostochny LUCH LLC, resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok has put into operation the second house of the second stage of the Zeleny ugol residential complex ahead of schedule. Handing over the keys procedure to tenants has already begun; about 200 families will receive apartments.

The Zeleny ugol residential complex is located in the Zeleny ugol district of Vladivostok. The developer is scurpulous about the construction: the territory was provided with communications, public spaces, parking, modern children's and sports grounds.

 “The planning project includes a kindergarten and new roads, the construction have already begun. Funds have been allocated for the construction of an interchange, to which an inter-block road will lead, it is essential to the residents of 64/71 microdistricts! This crucial road is for an entire district of the city, which includes about 60 thousand inhabitants,” said Igor Dulnev, one of the founders of SZ Vostochny Luch.

The investor was provided with administrative and consulting support by the Primorye Investment Promotion Agency.

"Vostochny LUCH is a good example of socially responsible business. The developer is not seeking to simply improve the territory. In this case, we are talking about a complex development: with gardens, parking. Support and development of such initiatives is one of the priorities of the Investment Agency ", - said Igor Trofimov, the director of the Agency.

It should be noted that the Primorye Investment Promotion Agency is an institution for business development, it helps entrepreneurs to choose government support measures, overcome administrative barriers, and find a land plot or premises for their project. You can learn more about the preferences operating in the region on the Primorye Investment web-site.

In addition, the Investment web-site has published a bank of land plots, where entrepreneurs can select a land plot for construction in Primorye. There are three sites in Nakhodka: in Astafyev Street, Frunze Street and Sovetskaya Street.

Recall, earlier Marat Khusnullin, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, during his visit to Vladivostok noted that the pace of housing construction in the region should increase to two million square meters per year. This year, in Primorye, 750 thousand "squares" of housing are intended to build, exceeding the requirements of the profile national project by 200 thousand.