01 декабря 2020

Thanks to PPP modern incineration plant is to be built in Vladivostok

Thanks to PPP modern incineration plant is to be built in Vladivostok

A company from Khabarovsk is to reconstruct an incineration plant on the Borodinskayastreet in Vladivostok on the terms of public-private partnership. The development of the project has been able through the investor asked Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor,via the Direct Communication Channel for Investors.

EcoLife DV Management Company is planning to build a modern waste recycling plant with foreign partners - WELLE Environmental Group from China and EUWELLE GmbH from Germany. The investor intends to finance about 12 billion rubles in the development of the initiative, more than 60 residents of Vladivostok and Primorye will get jobs. Now, the investor, together with the Government of Primorye, is at the stage of finalizing the concession agreement.

According to Oleg Bezgodov, General Director of EcoLife DV Management Company, special attention will be paid to safety of the enterprise for environment during the project implementation. When incinerating waste, innovative equipment from the Japanese company EBARA will be used, which will ensure the complete destruction of waste and guarantee the purity of ash. And the exhaust gases are going to be purified using technology from the ELEX, Swiss company.

“Environmental issues do exist. Learn from experience, there are no more rational ways to destroy garbage: landfills are archaism, we need to get away from it; it is still difficult to deal with processing, this requires a well-functioning sorting system. The most optimal option under current conditions is the incineration of solid household waste. In addition, our plant will generate electricity, which we will be able to direct to needs of the residents of the nearby districts of Vladivostok,”said Oleg Bezgodov, General Director of EcoLife DV Management Company.

In April 2020, the investor applied to the Direct Communication Channel with the Governor, where he initiated the development of a waste incineration plant project on PPP terms. As a result, the entrepreneur received comprehensive support from the Primorye executive authorities. Thus, the Ministry of Economic Development of the region, together with special departments, took part in the preparation of the terms of reference and other documentation. The specialists of the Primorye Investment Promotion Agency carried out an examination of the proposal and helped to make the necessary comments. Now the initiator, together with the Government of the Primorye, is completing the concession agreement.

“Business more and more often comes up with initiatives using public-private partnership. This indicates the growth of entrepreneurs' confidence in the authorities, as well as the readiness of businesses to enter new levels - to implement socially significant projects. The incineration plant project terms and conditions will be known after all technical procedures are completed,”said Igor Trofimov, director of the Primorye Investment Promotion Agency.

It should be noted that the Channel of direct communication with Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor, is a convenient tool between an investor and executive authorities.

 “Entrepreneurs can present an idea for a project, talk about the difficulties that hinder business development. Response to appeals will be received within three days. If additional information is required to provide feedback, the waiting time may increase. In any case, everyone who applies on a first day will receive a notification that his/her request has been accepted,”said Natalya Naboichenko, Minister of Economic Development of the Primorye.

You can use the Investment portal of the Primorsky Region to contact the Governor, for this you need to filldetails in a special form, briefly outline the essence of your appeal, attach necessary documentation: project business plan, presentation.

The remarkable thing is that the work of the Channel of direct communication with the Governor is one of the criteria taken into account in the State National rating of investment climate in regions of Russia. Now the Primorsky Region is on the 34th place of the National Rating, the region has raised 21 positions based on the results of work in 2019-2020.