10 августа 2020

"Raduzhny" is first to connect to gas

"Raduzhny" is first to connect to gas

The Raduzhnymicrodistrict in Ussuriysk was connected to natural gas in August. The utility is to be decreasedinthree or four times. It was an Order of Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor of the Primorsky Region, he had given it at the meeting of the Investment Promotion Council in December 2018.

The "Raduzhny" is the first residential complex in Primorye connected to gas. It took about a year tolay gas networks. This is the result of joint efforts of thePrimorsky Government, the Administration of Ussuriysk, a branch of JSC Gazprom GazoraspredelenieDalniyVostok and “YugStroy”investor.

The gasification of Raduzhny began in January, the first three boiler houses in Ussuriyskwere converted to gas. Then preparatory works to lay gas to the apartments began. It was essential to be in time before heating season, otherwise gas workers would have to temporarily disconnect local residents from heat. Gas supply to residential apartments is a time-consuming task. Gas has already been supplied to 378 apartments now.

“There are a separate gas pipeline branch into the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas pipeline, a gas distribution station “Ussuriysk”to supply gas to the Ussuriysk urban district, Mikhailovsky district, and the MikhailovskayaASEZ. We have invested about two billion rubles to the project,”said Nikolai Lovygin, CEO of the Gazprom GazoraspredeleniyeDalniyVostok branch.

Gasification of municipalities in Primoryeis to be continued.

“We intend to focus on connecting residents of the private suburbs and municipalities to gas. These are mainly Dalnerechensky, Spassky, Nadezhdinsky districts, since they are located near the main gas pipeline. We will continue to re-equip boiler housesrunning on fuel oil. The regional budget will provide about a billion rublesto lay gas in municipalities by 2021, "said Elena Parkhomenko,Deputy Prime Minister of Primorye.

Previously, local residents used liquefied gas, which is expensive. About six million rubles were provided annually from the regional budget to recover costs. Now thesefunds will be used on social projects.

“In January we paid,on average, 4,000 rubles for gas. Now we look forward for significant changes,” said NadezhdaGubar, who lives in Raduzhny with her husband and one-year-old child.

The "Raduzhny" residential complex is one of the few examples of complex development in Primorye. Now a kindergarten is being built there, and there are plans to build another kindergarten and a school. There are parking and playgrounds in the microdistrict, a recreation park is located nearby.

The Raduzhny project is supported by the Primorye Investment Promotion Agency. Thanks to the Agency's specialists, the project was presented at meetings of the regional Investment Council and, as a result, Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor,ordered to help with a kindergarten, a road and gasification. To learn more about the activities of the Investment Council, to get acquainted with the information about previous meetings, please visit the Investment web-site of the PrimorskyRegion www.invest.primorsky.ru

“Now we have about one and a half thousand people living in the microdistrict. The constructed residential apartments are only about five percent of the plan. In the future, we intend to build both private and apartment buildings. The housing area is 200 ha. 120 ha will be inan agro-industrial area, another 100 ha- in a recreation park”, - said Alexander Sidorenko, General Director of YugStroy,LLC.