26 ноября 2018

Single window for entrepreneurs inaugurated in Vladivostok

Single window for entrepreneurs inaugurated in Vladivostok

The opening ceremony of the center “My Business”, that united all the regional institutions for the development of small and medium enterprises, took place on Thursday, November 22nd in Vladivostok. The center will become a single-window for entrepreneurs to get information on all the state programmes and incentives, to choose the most suitable pro-business efforts and submit the application for the state support.

According to the vice-governor of Primorsky region Konstantin Bogdanenko, almost 90 thousand small and medium enterprises providing job to 240 thousand people currently exist in the region. Development of the existing enterprises and establishment of comfortable environment for future projects is one of the priority objectives of the regional economic policy. According to the instruction of the acting governor Oleg Kozhemyako, regional programme on support of small and medium enterprises has been developed for the next 5 years until 2024.

“The programme is provided by the financing from the federal and regional budget and implies the strengthening of the existing support measures as well as a start of new instruments for business development. There are quite a few of those, but we outline four key vectors: wider access to financial resources, export potential development, free educational programmes for entrepreneurs and construction of industrial and technological parks for the SME by means of increasing the local content of products – strengthening the particular branches of regional economy. There are other objectives as well. For the entrepreneurs to get all the information on the opportunities for development and get the necessary support from the government passing all the bureaucratic procedures, the center “My Business” has been created" - Konstantin Bogdanenko noted.

On the basis of the new center, it is already possible to get the support of the Guarantee Fund of the Primorsky region, which provides guarantees for loan agreements and thus helps entrepreneurs to arrange bank loans. The Regional Center for Export Development helps local manufacturers to promote their products at the international markets and find foreign partners. Implementation of investment projects is guided by the Investment Promotion Agency of Primorsky region. The Center for the Support of Entrepreneurship provides free advice, organizes seminars, workshops and trainings that in their content are highly competitive with the expensive commercial courses.

Additionally, "My Business" is a guide around not only regional, but also federal measures of entrepreneurs support. Here you can get advice and apply for participation in the programmes of the Corporation for SMEs, the Far East Development Fund, the Industry Development Fund, the Single-industry Towns Development Company and other structures.

Next year the center will be expanded: it is planned to open a coworking space for start-up entrepreneurs and a prototyping center, where using the latest types of equipment and modeling tools the new companies will be able to quickly and without any extra costs produce prototypes of their products. Besides, in the beginning of 2019, the regional microfinance organization for business will be established.

“Any entrepreneur regularly faces the need to promptly attract additional funding for ongoing work or development of their business, but in practice, banks rarely provide small loans to businesses. Therefore, we are creating a regional state microfinance organization that will provide loans to small and medium enterprises in the amount of up to 3 million rubles. We plan that the rate will be 7.5%, and for some categories of business it will be even lower”- noted Konstantin Bogdanenko.

In the nearest future it is planned to organize the access to all the services of "My Business" via Internet and later to open similar cenetrs in the municipalities of Primorsky region.