14 мая 2019

Serious support for Serious intentions

Serious support for Serious intentions

Primorsky Krai should be attractive for investors not only due to its advantageous geographical position, but also due to comfortable conditions for doing business. “Creating such conditions is a common task for all levels of government,” said Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako at a meeting of the regional Investment Council on April 19.

The head of the region spoke about the changes that should take place in the economy of the Primorye over the next five years in his Investment Message, which set new principles for the relationship between government and business.

The regional leadership is ready to fully support projects that will bring quick returns in the employment and tax revenues to the budget. But the authorities of Primorye are ready to help only those investors who meet two key requirements: the availability of a well-developed business plan and the financial resources for implement.

“Now we are creating a foundation that will allow businesses to feel confident on the coastal land. The mechanisms that will contribute to its development. Our region has great attractiveness - we see it by the number of residents of the Free Port and the territories of priority development. But it is necessary that assistance be provided to all investors at all levels of government,” said the Governor.

The order will be executed

Addressing representatives of the business with an investment message, Oleg Kozhemyako recalled that the position of Primorsky Krai in the National Rating of the Investment Climate Status of the Regions of the Russian Federation will be the “starting point” for assessing the success. It is not a secret that, until recently, Primorye was at the bottom of the rating, which goes against the task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring all regions of the Far East into the TOP-30 rating.

Oleg Kozhemyako recalled a number of positive changes that will affect the position of Primorye in the rating a reduction in the period of connection of objects to the networks of water and electricity, cadastral registration and registration of ownership. The work to simplify the administrative procedures that entrepreneurs face in their daily work should be continued and multiplied strengthened, the Governor stressed. At the same time, Oleg Kozhemyako urged to think not about formal indicators, but about creating simple, understandable and convenient conditions for investors. In addition, an attractive region for business should be comfortable for life.

“Our actions should lead to the quality of life in Primorsky Krai being comparable to the quality of life in the central regions of Russia,” the Primorye Governor added. This will require the construction of new social infrastructure facilities. We understand that it is impossible to implement all these projects only at the expense of the budget, therefore we will more widely use the mechanism of public-private partnership.

Drivers of change

In the investment message, the governor also outlined the main industries that will be the engines of the local economy in the coming years. These are transport and logistics, shipbuilding and ship repair, agro-industrial and fisheries complexes.

So, only in the transport and logistics industry 17 projects are planned to be implemented with a total investment of 348 billion rubles. Their implementation should contribute to the growth of exports of Russian goods to the promising markets of the Asia-Pacific countries. Therefore, the modernization will affect not only roads and ports, but also international automobile checkpoints. For example, “Markovo” and “Turiy Rog’ will begin to upgrade later this year.

Speaking about the development of shipbuilding and ship repair, the Governor of Primorye noted the importance of the super wharf “Zvezda” under construction not only for the development of the economy, but also for the formation of a qualitatively new infrastructure in the Bolshoi Kamen. They will not forget about small shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises located in the south of Primorye.

In the field of fish processing, 16 major investment projects with a total cost of 63 billion rubles are planned for implementation, while the agro-industrial complex of Primorye will be strengthened by 10 large-scale projects worth 183 billion rubles.

Another important sector for Primorye, the mining industry, is already receiving support from the regional budget. Oleg Kozhemyako recalled that in February 2019, the procedure for granting energy-intensive enterprises subsidies to pay for consumed electricity was approved. The first recipient of the subsidy was the Dalnegorsky Mining and Processing Plant.

The tourist industry, especially dynamically developing in the last few years among the priorities. In 2019, Vladivostok expects the entry of 15 cruise liners, including superliners with a capacity of 5 thousand people. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the development of event and eco-tourism.

“Only effective interaction between business and the state will allow us to build a new, competitive Primorye economy, to ensure rapid development rates,” concluded Oleg Kozhemyako. He also thanked the business community for their active participation in improving the investment climate in the region and instructed the relevant departments to develop an action plan for the implementation of the objectives outlined in the investment message.

           Firstly, projects will be evaluated

The most developed and promising investment projects will receive priority status, this was also discussed in the investment message of the governor. A specific set of preferences for such projects, as well as the procedure for their selection, will be registered in the new regional law, which the regional parliament will consider in the coming weeks.

It should be noted that a number of large projects submitted through the Department of Economics or the Investment Agency of the Primorsky Territory have already been discussed at meetings of the Regional Investment Council chaired by Oleg Kozhemyako. “Investment Council is an opportunity to objectively consider any investment project that can be included in the list of priorities. Ask questions, hear the answers, evaluate the availability of documents and financial resources for this project,” marked Oleg Kozhemyako.

Three projects were presented to the top officials of the region - a complex for the reproduction of young hydrobionts in the Khasansky district, an agricultural farm in the Khorolsky district, and a project for the disposal of automobile tires in Ussuriysk. The Governor, who had many years of entrepreneurial experience before joining politics, assessed investment projects in terms of their development and effect on the Primorye economy.

Discussion of projects in the format of the Investment Council is the most effective tool to accelerate their implementation. It turns out the investor, says about the problems that faced. And all the structures that influence the implementation of the project, answer the questions posed, and the governor immediately gives the necessary orders. Bureaucracy comes to naught,” said Yevgeny Kostykov, member of the Committee on Economic Policy.