18 марта 2019

Territory for investment: how projects from Primorye soar to new heights

Territory for investment: how projects from Primorye soar to new heights

Two investment projects from Primorye are in top 10 Russian projects at the Russian investment Forum in Sochi. “Belaya Gora” ski-resort and the production of ceramic foam plates construction project were presented to the biggest Russian and Foreign investors. According to the “Primorskaya gazeta”, it is belied that the forum provides an opportunity to demonstrate the existing region prospects and attract additional investment.

Forum in Sochi, the main winter investment Russian platform, has ended. Primorsky krai, like many other regions, presented its economic potential. It has presented 7 huge projects this year.

-        Primorsky krai was presented not only as part of the business program of the Sochi forum. For the first time the region’s stand was organized, where we presented specific investment projects. All of them were thoroughly and professionally worked out: all projects had a business plan and a financial model, all of these projects were guided by us, so they got all the necessary administrative support at regional authorities’ level said Dmitrii Yamshikov, CEO of the Investment agency of Primorsky krai.

The two projects beat off stiff competition and are in Russian top list. The selection was carried out by business valuation, project development, investment attractiveness and by other criteria.

-        77 regions sent their projects to present them in the zone. 10 best projects are chosen and 2 of them are from Primorsky krai. “Belaya gora” ski-resort in Arseniev and foam ceramic plates plant construction in Artyom. The pitch session was opened and ended by the projects – clarified the head of the Investment Agency. – They were presented to the biggest Russian and foreign investors as the most prospective for investment.

According to the plan, “Belaya Gora” project initiators will upgrade the existing ski complex on “Obzornaya” mount. Instead of three currently working tracks in the complex, there will be new seven modern downhills and chairlift. Complex will be equipped with modern snow cannons and lighting systems. Besides, “Salyut” sport base will be reconstructed where sports equipment rental will be available. (http://white.arsgora.ru/)

Elena Demidenko, Director of the Department for Investment Promotion of the Investment Agency, who had represented the project, noted that the experts' comments indicated the right course of development. Usually, agreements are concluded beforehand on the forums, but in this case the main goal was achieved - Primorsky krai and its investment projects did not go unnoticed.

-        “Rosa Khutor” Sochi resort owners, showed interest toward “Belaya Gora” project. They estimated the tourism potential of Primorye and saw real prospects. We are not talking about specific agreements yet, but we have established contact and have already begun exchanging information on project details. – said Elena Demidenko.

Second project, a ceramic foam plate plant construction, was presented by Andrey Grachev the head of “Izolite”, the initiator company. He said that the capacities of the new enterprise will allow to create a unique production in Primorye, which has no analogues in the region. According to the project, the project will provide at least 249 thousand cubic meters a year. The raw material for plates will be bottom mud or alumina from quarrying. One of the ceramic foam characteristics is hydrophobicity. Its lightness and durability makes it a unique material for construction.

After the presentation Andrei Grachev, head of the company, noted the importance of visiting such large platforms like the Russian Investment Forum, and also clarified that it is necessary to work carefully not only on business plan, but also on the text of the presentation itself.

-        You need to describe the project concept quickly and accurately. You must know how to attract your future project stakeholders in just three-five phrases. At such events this skill is needed as nowhere else. Partners actually do not have time for long conversations. Many important talks are spoken while standing and there is nothing else but point and specifics. – said Andrey Grachev.

“Sberbank” has showed interest in financing the plant construction. Investment level equals 30%. Chinese partners also showed their interest. “Bank of China” and “Sberbank” currently are working on co-financing agreement of the project. Also, a preliminary agreement was reached on cooperation with Anna Yermakova, managing partner of Da Vinci Capital direct investment fund, and Alexander Lupachev, managing partner of Russia Partners direct investment fund.

During the two forum days, February 14 and 15, not only the sessions worked but also exhibition stand which was organized by the Investment Agency. Five projects were presented there. Forum participants could find out about plans to develop infrastructure of “Izumrudnaya dolina” historical park, projects to build an interregional wholesale distribution center in Nadezhda district, launch a new line of “Pacifico Yachts” catamarans from “Composite Shipbuilding” and a project on the integrated development of Raduzhny microdistric in the southern part of Ussuriysk.

By the way, the mentioned projects also found new partners and co-investors on the forum in Sochi. The “Raduzhny” project includes the construction of low-rise residential buildings and social facilities on 200-hectare area, the development of a business area where the transport and logistics complex will be located, as well as creation of a park and recreation zone. Currently, more than 25 thousand square meters of housing, where more than a thousand people live, have already been commissioned. All the necessary communications have already been provided – electricity, water and most importantly gas. According to the plan, houses and industrial facilities will be connected to the main gas pipeline this year.

- We have got the contacts and have begun negotiations with the Russian Association of Greenhouses. We have already had the prepared calculations for the greenhouse construction, but without gas there was no interest from investors. Now they are ready to do the real work, include their partners and take part in business. Investors plan to launch a greenhouse complex on 18-hectare area. Besides, there is an interest to build tourist facilities there. At the forum, we have met with partners who showed their interest and readiness to build a water park, with an opportunity for recreation and sports for both residents of the neighborhood and for tourists who are now more often visiting Primorsky Krai. – said Alexander Sidorenko, the executive of the “Raduzhny” project.

- Primorsky krai was worthy presented. Near the regional pavilion there was always a cluster of participants who were talking to potential investors. We have got contacts and have negotiated with the head of the European Investment Bank’s representative office in Russia and the first secretary of the European Union’s representative office in Russia. Our platform was also visited by the French ambassador, representatives from Europe and Africa, and Russian celebrities. – noted Elena Demidenko.

At the Primorye stand, an interesting presentation about the region and our famous chocolate were waiting for our visitors.

                                                                           Source: “Primorskaya Gazeta”