Primorye Investment Agency

Agency is founded by Administration of Primorsky kray to attract invetments to the region, streamline administrative procedures and promote an attractive region brand for investors. Agency uses a "one window" principle for investor contacts with government.


It helps investors to

Establish cooperation with local authorities

Choose a land plot or premises

Navigate the legislation and local rules of doing business

Choose the appropriate tax regime

Benefit from the measures of state support

Solve the problems of a particular business


To maintain an attractive investment image of Primorye, the Agency represents its investment opportunities and investment projects at the exhibitions and conferences in Russia and abroad.


both on a free and paid basis

Elaborates an investment proposal

Guides public-private partnership agreement

Provides legal support and technical consultation on the project implementation

Helps to select the appropriate measures of state suppor

Assists in the process of marketing strategy and promotional materials elaboration

Promotes project on exhebitions and other events


Step 1Application

  • Fill an application
  • Attach a business-plan with economic feasibility study
  • Within 1 business day the Agency manager will contact you and confirm acceptance of your application.

Step 2Project evaluation

Within 5 business days the Agency files a request for project evaluation to Administration of Primorsky krai and the municipality, where the project is planned to be implemented

Evaluation criteria:

  • Compliance with the priorities of social-economic development strategy of the region
  • Economic feasibility and effectiveness (результативность экономической деятельности, определяемая отношением полученного экономического эффекта (результата) к затратам)
  • Profitability for regional budget(влияние результатов инвестиционного проекта на доходы и расходы краевого бюджета, выражаемая в увеличении бюджетных доходов и (или) снижении расходов в результате реализации проекта)
  • Social value (количество вновь созданных и сохраненных в ходе реализации проекта рабочих мест, заработная плата работников, занятых в реализации инвестиционного проекта, способность проекта принести выгоду населению)

Step 3Cooperation agreement

  • Within 7 business days after project evaluation the Agency manager schedules an appointment with investor representatives. The manager also suggest available cooperation options, government support measures and required documents.
  • A cooperation agreement between the Agency and investor is signed.

Step 4Agency services

The Agency offers:

  • Arranging appointments with region administration
  • Searching for a land plot, matching project requirements
  • Arranging investor visits to available project sites
  • Suggestions for applicable special tax and economic regimes
  • Searching for additional investments
  • Legal support
  • Marketing and exhibition services


Dmitry Yamschikov

Managing Director
+7 (800) 500-35-25

Elena Demidenko

Head of department of Investment projects and public-private partnership development

Nikolay Stetsko

Head of project management department

+7 914 798-19-30