Primorsky region
The Land of Opportunities for Business

Олег Николаевич КОЖЕМЯКО
"We are open to the dialogue with investors and ready to provide any necessary support in the implementation of the projects that will be useful for both Primorsky region and its citizens. Investments are facilitated by the preferential regimes of the Free Port of Vladivostok and the Advanced Special Economic Zones. We recognize that the main objective of the authorities is to establish comfortable, effective and equal infrastructure for doing business, thus we are constantly working to create a business-enabling environment in the region and remove the administrative barriers"

Oleg Nikolayevich

Governor of Primorsky region


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There are 5 major asian capitals withing 1000 km from Primorsky region
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Region Benefits
for Investors

economic zones

With special customs, tax and administrative regulations offering the best terms in Asian-Pacific region:
  • Territories of advanced social and economic development
  • Free port Vladivostok
  • Offshore on Russian island
Advantageous geographical location
The region is located close to Asia-Pacific and North East Asia markets. It has borders with 3 countries: China, Japan and the DPRK.
logistics hub

The region serves as a transit point for land and sea transport routes between Europe ans Asian-Pacific countries. It also offers large Class A warehouse spaces.
Center of science and education

Vladivostok has 15 universities, including the leading regional university - Far Eastern Federal University. More than 50 000 students graduate yearly. There is also a Far Eastern branch of Russian Academy of Science located here.

Primorsky region has the cheapest electricity in Russian Far East and Asian-Pacific countries.
Advanced transport infrastructure
Trans-Siberian railroad start in Primorye as well as sea routes from 6 ice-free ports. A new modern airport has been built in 2012 serving more than 2 million passengers a year. The international highways "Primorye-1" and "Primorye-2" are still under construction.

Success stories

Automobile Factory "Mazda Sollers"

Total investment: $110,000,000

The factory in Vladivostok produces cars which fully comply international Mazda quality standards. In 2017 the enterprise received the status of a resident of "Nadezhdinskaya territory of advanced deveopment and launched the production of it's latest crossover Mazda CX-5. Mazda is also implementing another investment project which aims to create in Vladivostok the production of Mazda SkyActiv-G engines. The construction of a new factory has alreay started.

Success stories

«New Vladivostok

Total investment: $500,000,000

A complex residential development of Zeleniy Ugol district of Vladivostok assumes the commissioning of half a million square meters of housing. The project is realised by several developers including foreign ones, and the resident of Free port of Vladivostok Vostochniy Luch Ltd.

Success stories


Total investment: $100,000,000

A unique tourism, sports and recreation project is implemented by Sumotori holding in cooperation with German, English, Italian partners. The mission of the project is not only to promote the effective development of racing sports in the Russian Far East, but also to create conditions for a healthy and safe family vacation.